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2016 Estate Vineyard Old Vine Pinot Noir 9 Litre

AVA: Ribbon Ridge      LOCATION: North Valley Rd.  

ELEVATION: 450’          SOIL TYPE: Wellsdale

CLONAL MATERIAL: 100% Pommard     VINEYARD SIZE: 30-acre vineyard

VINIFICATION: From 0-50% whole cluster fermentations done in 1.75-ton open-top fermenters      

PICKING DATE: Mid-September           TONS/ACRE: 1.5-2.0

OWNERS: Patricia Green Cellars          PRODUCTION: 851 cases bottled

Site Characteristics:There are no vineyards we work with that are as difficult to summarize in a neat package than our Estate Vineyard. There are 18 sections of Pinot Noir based on vine age and clone (as well a section of Sauvignon Blanc), elevation ranging from 250’ to 475’. Pinot Noir plantings were done in ten different vintages ranging from as early as 1984 to as recent as 2010. The vineyard is mostly Pommard, but there is also 3 acres of Wadensvil, 3 acres of Dijon 114 and an acre of Dijon 777. Spacing varies from 5 x 6 to 5 x 8. Some blocks are inter-planted with every other row being of one age and every other a drastically different age. Two blocks are inter-planted with two rows of the same age followed by one row of a different age. To add an even greater level of confusion, the vast majority of the site (the 25 acres at the higher elevation) is planted directly on top of the hill with a 360-degree aspect to the vineyard. Then there is the geology of the site, which is made up of an extremely sandy Marine Sedimentary soil that sits atop a large bed of sandstone sub-soil with a water table that is very deep and highly mineralized. This is a unique site to say the least.

Wine Making and Notes: As the Estate vines tap their roots deep into the soft sub-soil they eventually make contact with the mineralized water on the property. This brings a whole new element to bear in the flavor and texture profile of the wine. This bottling comes from the original 1984 planting of Pommard which was fermented with 33% whole clusters, a 1987 planting of Chardonnay grafted to Pommard Clone in 1998, a 1990 planting of Pinot Gris that was grafted to Pommard in 2002 and a 1997 planting of Pommard on a steep west facing slope. Given the diversity within the vineyard (we have a 360 degree aspect on our hillside vineyard) and the range of vine age (20-33 years) we were able to pick at multiple different times and had fermentations that ranged from 100% de-stemmed to 50% whole cluster. The assemblage for this particular wine is always fascinating because you can see the wine come together as the elements from each block are added in. This wine is one of the few truly older vine bottlings that exists from Ribbon Ridge at this juncture and it shows how the best, older vineyards here have the capacity to translate the mineral laden nature of our water and soil into the refined, focused nature of the fruit we can grow here.

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2016 Estate Vineyard, Etzel Block Pinot Noir 9 Litre

AVA: Ribbon Ridge      LOCATION: North Valley Rd.  

ELEVATION: 450’      SOIL TYPE: Wellsdale

CLONAL MATERIAL: Pommard, Dijon 114      YEAR PLANTED: 1986, 2001

VINEYARD SIZE: 30-acre vineyard, 2.55-acre block    VINIFICATION: 20% whole cluster fermentations

PICKING DATE: 9/14/16      TONS/ACRE: 1.55

OWNERS: Patricia Green Cellars   

*Wine Club Only

Wine Making and Notes: Named as such because this section of our vineyard planted in 1986 slopes to the northeast directly toward our neighbor Beaux Freres. The name is an homage to the owner and winemaker there, Mike Etzel. This wine has always pulled some of the most interesting characteristics out of the site and that is its reason for existing on its own. For some reason this has always been the most nuanced, most mineral-driven, most particularly Pinot Noir-sous bois sort of thing going on of all our wines. There are 2 sections within the East Etzel Block and for the first time they are both being used in this bottling. The older Pommard (planted in 1986) was 20% whole cluster and went through a standard cold soak of about 5 day, fermented in a single 1.75 ton open top fermenter and was pigeaged 1x/day before being pressed and allowed to settle for 3 days. The Dijon 114 was done 100% de-stemmed, went through a standard cold soak of about 5 days, fermented in two separate 1.75 ton open top fermenters and was pumped over until fermentation started and then it was only pigeaged 1x/day before being pressed and allowed to settle for 3 days. This spent a little less than a year in 17% new barrels along with a combination of a one time and a four times used barrel. This wine is aromatically extremely complex and nuanced to a fault. Minerality and seductive darker fruits combine with great complexity on the palate to create a wine that shows how elegant, intricate, intense and soil-influenced older vine Pinot Noirs from Ribbon Ridge can be. The addition of whole cluster fermentation furthers the aromatic qualities and drives the graphite notes on the palate and tightens the tannins up on the back end.

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2016 Estate Vineyard, Wadensvil Block Pinot Noir 9 Litre

AVA: Ribbon Ridge        LOCATION: North Valley Rd.  

ELEVATION: 450’            SOIL TYPE: Wellsdale

YEAR PLANTED: 1997   CLONAL MATERIAL: 100% Wadensvil

VINEYARD SIZE: 30-acre vineyard, 3.1-acre Wadensvil block

VINIFICATION: 3 open-top 1.5 ton fermenters done with 20% whole clusters.

PICKING DATE: 9/15/16       TONS/ACRE: 1.0

OWNERS: Patricia Green Cellars      PRODUCTION: 304 cases bottled

**Wine Club only

Wine Making and Notes:This 3.1 acre block in the very back of the vineyard was planted in 1997. When we bought the property in 2000 this section was had nearly quite had it. In July of 2000 this section was already entirely rife with yellow leaves. The plants were simply over-taxed from a large crop load in their first year of production followed by a dry summer and there was no hope that the fruit was going to ripen so it was all dropped off in hopes of rescuing the plants. Over the next several years this block was attended to with a special fury and the wine got incrementally better. By 2014 the block had made a complete transformations and was serving as one of the major components of the Estate Vineyard bottling.

In 2015 this took the step from very good to great. We have long believed that Wadensvil planted in marine soils produced some of the best wines in the cellar, the only problem is finding it outside of our vineyard (Olenik Vineyard, Wadensvil Block is also planted in marine soils). Wadensvil is a little later ripening, a little lighter, a little more elegant and just plain pretty and when combined with the minerally effect of marine soils it blossoms into a stunningly beautiful wine given the right conditions. 2015 was the beginning of what is sure to be a fascinating journey with the wine this block can produce. 2016 shows the forward progress that we feel is inevitable. All the fruit was fermented with 20% whole clusters to further coax aromatics, nuance and elegance from a clone already predisposed toward those aspects. The 2016 is a little more tense, wild, dark and restrained than the more open knit and larger scale (100% de-stemmed) 2015 version. The fruit is focused, the minerality in the soil is on display, the texture is Ribbon Ridge-y fine with firm tannins and everything works harmoniously. This is a terrific wine and this block is going to produce extraordinary wines over the coming years. Time to get on board before everyone knows that.

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2016 Freedom Hill Vineyard, Coury Clone Pinot Noir 9 Litre

AVA: Willamette Valley      LOCATION: Burnell Rd.  

ELEVATION: 500’               SOIL TYPE: Bellpine

YEAR PLANTED: 2000      CLONAL MATERIAL: 100% Coury     VINEYARD SIZE: 85-acre vineyard, 1.1-acre PGC block

VINIFICATION: 2.5-ton open-top fermenters done with 100% whole cluster and 35% whole cluster fermentations.

PICKING DATE: September 19th            TONS/ACRE: 3

OWNERS: Dan and Helen Dusschee     *Wine Club only

Wine Making and Notes: Coury Clone Pinot Noir has a fascinating background tale that is literally rooted in the earliest history of the Oregon wine industry. The short version is that Charles Coury submitted his master’s thesis for cool climate winegrowing to the University of California at Davis while studying in Alsace, France in 1964. He brought cuttings back to the U.S. when he returned that summer. From these small and straight forward beginnings the plantings and legend of the Coury Clone begins. For a full and detailed account of this very, very interesting agricultural story that was lost to history for some time please go to The Price of Pinot’s website ( and read for yourself.

This section of the vineyard was planted in 2000 and the cuttings came from the 1972 section of Coury Clone at Hyland Vineyard. What all this amounts to is that this is one of the most fascinating single wines we have ever made. Much like the Dijon 115 whole cluster fermenters, pumpovers were nearly the sole manner in which the one 2.5 ton fermenter was handled. We believe that the Coury clone, in particular, responded especially positively to this ultra-gentle handling. This wine just comes loaded with an array of non-fruit based flavors that all somehow contribute to the wine having a distinctly complex fruit and spice character. Even with about 50% whole cluster fermentation this is not a big wine or an overtly structured wine. This wine spent just under a year in 33% new barrel. This shows the flipside of Freedom Hill Vineyard which is known for power, intensity, sap-laden wines with lots of structure. This is graceful, aromatic and while it is intense it does so very discretely. Amongst the staff at Patricia Green Cellars this particular bottling is a distinct favorite.

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2016 Mysterious Pinot Noir 9 Litre

AVA: Dundee Hills              LOCATION: Worden Hill Rd.

ELEVATION: 425’             SOIL TYPE: Jory


VINEYARD SIZE: 3.5-acre PGC block

VINIFICATION: 2 open-top 1.5 ton fermenters done with 20% whole clusters and 1 fermenter was done with 100% whole clusters

PICKING DATE: 9/15/16            TONS/ACRE: 1.45           

This is just the 3rd time (2009 and 2014 were the previous two vintages) but we certainly never shy away from taking it. Missing out on 2015 was not due to lack of effort on our part, for sure. This is one of the great Pinot Noir vineyards in America. This is a steeply pitched vineyard that resembles a cone. The farming is impeccable. It is on a hillside replete with some of the oldest and most noteworthy vineyards in Oregon, but beyond that it is on a hillside that is filled with people who love their vines and love this special place in Dundee. There is magic here for sure. In 2014 we were getting two sections of the vineyard, one that made structured, subtle wine and one that made wow wine. In 2016 we had to settle for the wow section. 27 year-old Pommard Clone vines on a very steep, southeast facing part of the slope planted at high-density produce intense, wonderful fruit. Low tonnage to the acre amped things up a bit as well. Two fermenters were done with 20% whole clusters and one with 100% whole clusters. They were assembled before bottling at those ratios. 17% new barrel was used with a combination of once to four times used to round out the barrel program. This wine wants to be perfect. It is youthful and jumpy right now. There is so much material roiling around with fruit and tannin sort of all over the place at the moment. Not unusual for great wines to begin at stages like this. This has power, concentration, dry extract, subtle spice undertones and enormous length to it. This is not necessarily a powerhouse but it just has so much to it that it is impossible not to think that there is profundity in this wine’s future.

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2016 Olenik Vineyard, Wadensvil Block Pinot Noir 9 Litre

AVA: Chehalem Mountains      LOCATION: Kings Grade Rd.

ELEVATION: 375’                       SOIL TYPE: Willakenzie

YEAR PLANTED: 1991              CLONAL MATERIAL: 100% Wadensvil

VINEYARD SIZE: 32-acre vineyard, ~2.7-acre PGC Wadensvil block

VINIFICATION: 2 open-top 1.5 ton fermenters. One fermenter containing 100% de-stemmed fruit, the other containing 60% whole cluster fruit.

PICKING DATE: September 7th          TONS/ACRE: 0.85

OWNER: John Olenik                           PRODUCTION: 227 cases bottled

Wine Making and Notes: Wadensvil tends toward more elegant, high-toned and red-fruited wines while the sedimentary soil adds an element of structure and turns the wine distinctly toward a very mineral-driven mid-palate and finish. The ten barrels that make up this wine come equally from a fermentation that was done with 60% whole clusters and from a fermenter that was 100% de-stemmed. Despite the differences in the make-up of the fermentations the bins were both pigeaged 1x/day and pressed separately on the same day. The fruit that was fermented with 60% whole clusters emphasizes minerals, spices and back-palate structure all of which provide tension in the herb-laced red fruit. The de-stemmed barrels are a rush of sweet, feminine red fruit and a texture like velvet. This combination is one we have been using for the past couple of vintages in some form or another. The whole clusters give an incredible backbone to this wine that lends an austerity to this wine that benefits it not only down the road but in the here and now, allowing it to be the wine from the Chehalem Mountains that is the most elegant, graceful and refined of the bottlings. The wine is incredibly aromatic and floral but still allows for the back palate to be the guiding force in this wine.  *WINE CLUB ONLY

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2017 Freedom Hill Vineyard, Pommard Clone Pinot Noir 9 Litre

Appellation: Willamette Valley  Location: Burnell Rd.

Elevation: 500’                            Soil Type: Bellpine

Year Planted: 2001                    Clonal Material: 100% Pommard

Size: Vineyard 85 acres/PGC Blocks total 11 acres

This is where our bread is buttered. We work with Pommard clone more than any other clone. There is something to Pommard that makes it not only stand out, but has the capacity to stand on its own as a complete wine. Of the three clonal designated wines we bottle from the site, this one seems to capture what may be the historical view of Freedom Hill Vineyard. This section of the vineyard was re-planted in 2001 and this is the only block of Freedom Hill Vineyard where we do not use any whole clusters in the fermentation. This wine shows savory tones mixed with wild, brambly fruits on the nose and drinks at a high-pitched level with bright, crunchy red fruits, earth-born characteristics and a distinct spicy note on the finish.

Wine history

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