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2016 Durant Vineyard, Bishop Block Pinot Noir 3 Litre

AVA: Dundee Hills     LOCATION: Breyman Orchards Rd.

ELEVATION: 500’       SOIL TYPE: Jory

YEAR PLANTED: 1973      CLONAL MATERIAL: 100% Pommard

VINEYARD SIZE: 60-acre vineyard, 4-acre PGC block     VINIFICATION: Two 1.5-ton open-top fermenters done with 100% whole cluster and three fermenters done with 20% whole cluster fermentations.

PICKING DATE: September 13th      TONS/ACRE: 2.1

OWNERS: The Durant Family    

Two fermenters of fruit were 100% de-stemmed and went through a normal cold soak of about 4 to 5 days and then was fermented in 1.75 ton open top fermenters and was punched down 1x/day before being pressed and allowed to settle for 3 days. Two other fermenters were done with 20% whole clusters, went through a standard cold soak of about 5-6 days, pumped over 1x/day until fermentation began and then was pigeaged 1x/day until dry and then pressed and allowed to settle for 3 days The wine spent about 10 months in barrel in 33% new oak. 5 and ½ barrels of the 20% whole cluster fermentation barrels were selected and 3 ½ from the 100% whole cluster fermentations. The combination allows for the forward, supple nature of Dundee Hill fruit to pour forth while being held tightly in check by the old vine, mineral-driven elements of the 100% whole cluster barrels. This is a wine that has old bones and sensibilities to it while still having the stuffing that Dundee Hill wines are known for.

These now monster vines were planted back in 1973 making them some of the oldest vines in Oregon and thus giving this bottling an historical aspect to it. 44 year-old vines in Oregon are exceptionally rare both because there was so little planted acreage back then and because some of that acreage has been re-planted due to phylloxera That this site and wine exist at all is somewhat of a minor miracle. In part due to this, this wine knows exactly what it wants to be. This is finesse, subtleness, elegance and discreet balance all backed up by a sneaky and looming firmness that comes on in the back of the wine. Only older vines make wines like this. This is not a wine that needs to make a dramatic entrance because all the work is done on the back end.

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2016 Weber Vineyard Pinot Noir 3 Litre

AVA: Dundee Hills               LOCATION: Worden Hill Rd.

ELEVATION: 450’                 SOIL TYPE: Jory

YEAR PLANTED: 1978        CLONAL MATERIAL: 100% Pommard

VINEYARD SIZE: 31-acre vineyard, ~3-acre PGC block

VINIFICATION: 2 open-top 1.5 ton fermenters done with 100% whole clusters and 3 fermenters done with 20% whole clusters

PICKING DATE: 9/20/16       TONS/ACRE: 3.25

OWNER: Andy Humphrey     PRODUCTION: 355cases bottled

Winemaking and Notes:On top of that there simply aren’t many 35+ year old vineyards in Oregon. Weber Vineyard is perhaps the purest Dundee Hills Pinot Noir that we have. In our dozen years working with this vineyard it has routinely produced one of our top wines of the vintage (certainly in 2010, 2012 and 2015 it is right there). In 2016 it very well might be the best wine we have: old vine Dundee Hills fruit, a growing season practically tailored for the nature of that site and a couple previous vintages working out what sort of whole cluster fermentation regimen the site really took to. 10 barrels were selected from the 20% whole cluster ferments and 5 from the 100% whole cluster ferments (building on last year’s model). The resulting wine is electric in so many ways. Aromatically intense and very complex for such a young wine, focused and concentrated on the palate with great acidity and nervy tannins to draw everything together with great length and delicate force. This is complete, age-worthy, unique all while still being a distinctly Worden Hill Rd. Pinot Noir. Beautiful wine for old vine Dundee Hills vineyard fans.

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