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Wine Club Waitling List

All wine club options are currently on a waiting list. As a waiting list member you can still take advantage of club benefits.

Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs for our best Patricia Green Fans. Our Club consists of 6 or 12 bottle selections selected by Patty & Jim that is shipped twice a year in spring & fall. These Pinot Noirs are small quantities of only a few hundred cases or less per vintage that are rarely found in distribution. The Single Vineyard selections come from our Estate Vineyard, Olenik Vineyard, Balcombe Vineyard, Weber Vineyard and also the Freedom Hill Vineyard.
Our wine club likely differs from many wineries’ clubs in that it is less designed to sell more wine since it is largely designed to ensure that our best, most desired, small production wines end up with the folks that have been supporters of them over the years. The club is there to control the outflow of certain wines by identifying our best customers, giving them first access to new releases, making sure they don’t pay tasting fees, inviting them to cool events that we are increasingly doing, etc. The primary goal is to make sure wines like Balcombe Vineyard Block 1B, Estate  Vineyard Etzel Block and Freedom Hill Vineyard Coury Clone to name a few are directed to the long time and generous purchasers of Patricia Green Cellars wines.

As a waitlist member, we will contact you in the spring and fall with shipment options for purchase. Unfortunately you will not have access to ALL club only wines until you are moved on to our official wine club when space is available. We will notify you as soon as your account has moved from waitlist to active. Please see member benefits you can expect to receive listed below:
Member Benefits

  • All wine club shipments are 15% off retail prices on 6 bottle club and 20% off 12 bottle club
  • All bottle purchases for 6 bottle club are 10% off and the 12 bottle club receives 20% off at any time (excluding futures)
  • All case purchases are 20% off at any time (excluding futures)                                  
  • Free winery tastings and entry to open houses
  • First chance to taste and purchase the 2016 futures, before our open house      

*Cancellation Policy: Membership may be cancelled at any time. We request 30 days-notice in writing in advance of the upcoming shipments and we are not able to cancel membership during the shipment process.

Wine Club Only Pinot Noir

  2015 Balcombe Vineyard, Block 1B           233 cases produced                          

 2015 Estate Vineyard, Etzel Block             283 cases produced

 2015 Estate Vineyard, Wadensvil Block     333 cases produced                         

 2015 Medici Vineyard                                207 cases produced                          

 2015 Olenik Vineyard, Wadensvil Block    268 cases produced

 2015 Freedom Hill Vineyard Coury Clone 134 cases produced

 2015 Weber Vineyard                                305 cases produced                           



Waitlist 6 Bottle Wine Club

 - Join

Two shipments per year spring & fall

·         All wine club shipments are 15% off retail prices upon release 

·         All bottle purchases  are 10% off at any time (excluding futures)

·         All case purchases are 20% off at any time (excluding futures)

·         All Members may add an extra case of mixed wines with their shipment for a 20% discount on all wines purchased.                                                                         (Reserve Pinot Noir is a 15% discount)

·         First chance to taste and purchase the future Pinot Noir offerings

·         Approximately $250/shipment (Not including tax or shipping if it applies)

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