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2016 Olenik Vineyard, Wadensvil Block Pinot Noir 3 Litre

2016 Olenik Vineyard, Wadensvil Block Pinot Noir 3 Litre
2016 Olenik Vineyard, Wadensvil Block Pinot Noir 3 Litre

AVA :Chehalem Mountains          Location: Kings Grade Rd.

Elevation:375’                                             Soil Type: Willakenzie

Year Planted:1991                                     Clonal Material: 100% Wadensvil

Size:Vineyard 32 acres/1991 Wadensvil Block 2.7 acres

Vinification:Two 1.5 ton open-top fermenters. One fermenter containing 100% de-stemmed fruit, the other 60% whole cluster fruit.

Picking Date:September 7                  Tons/Acre: 0.85

We landed in this terrific vineyard just down the road from us in the Chehalem Mountains AVA in 2009. Since we began bottling this wine seven years ago this has been a perennial personal favorite. We love the interaction of the Wadensvil clone with the sandy/rocky marine soils. This is a great combination of sweet, floral red fruit and distinct minerality, which leads to silky texture and dimension. A terrific bottling from this site and a great “crossover” Pinot for those who prefer either the sweet red fruit of the Dundee Hills or the more minerally/earthy wines from Ribbon Ridge. Violet tones, wet rock and spice lay on the outer shell of the currant fruit qualities. The 2016 will balance the de-stemmed and whole cluster aspects at a one to one ratio making for a unique wine that is incredibly elegant, aromatic and suave. This is a high concept, sophisticated Pinot Noir

Wine history: Chehalem Mountains' winegrowing history dates back to 1968 when UC Davis refugee Dick Erath purchased 49 acres on Dopp Road in Yamhill County. He aptly called the property Chehalem Mountain Vineyards. By the mid to late 1970s, there was a patchwork of vineyards in the area, including those owned by such modern wine pioneers as the Adelsheims and the Ponzis. Over the next three decades other reputable winegrowers planted roots in the area. The appellation was approved in the late fall of 2006.

Climate: Chehalem Mountains' elevation goes from 200 to 1,633 feet, resulting in varied annual precipitation (37 inches at the lowest point and 60 inches at the highest) as well as the greatest variation in temperature within the Willamette Valley. These variations can result in three-week differences in the ripening of Pinot noir grapes.

Soils: Chehalem Mountains have a combination of Columbia River basalt, ocean sedimentation, and wind-blown loess derivation soil types.

Topography: Chehalem Mountains is a single landmass made up of several hilltops, ridges and spurs that is uplifted from the Willamette Valley floor. The appellation includes all land in the area above the 200-foot elevation. They are the highest mountains in the Willamette Valley with their tallest point, Bald Peak, at 1,633 feet above sea level.

Site Characteristics:We happened to land in this terrific vineyard just down the road from us in the Chehalem Mountain Appellation in 2009. The west-facing and relatively exposed vineyard lies below Lia’s Vineyard and near sites such as Adams and J. Christopher Estate. The vineyard cascades down the hillside but has undulating folds to it that create contour and give unique characteristics to small sections within the 25 acre site. The initial block we received fruit from was 100% Wadensvil clone planted in 1991. We also receive a block toward the bottom of the vineyard known to us as The Anklebreaker Block which is a 2007 planting of Pommard in a uniquely rocky section of the vineyard. We also receive Dijon 115 from the bottom of the west side of the vineyard. This site is an incredibly diverse site in terms of aspect, elevation and the amount of ancient-flood-deposited rock in any one section of the vineyard.

AVA: Chehalem Mountains      LOCATION: Kings Grade Rd.

ELEVATION: 375’                       SOIL TYPE: Willakenzie

YEAR PLANTED: 1991              CLONAL MATERIAL: 100% Wadensvil

VINEYARD SIZE: 32-acre vineyard, ~2.7-acre PGC Wadensvil block

VINIFICATION: 2 open-top 1.5 ton fermenters. One fermenter containing 100% de-stemmed fruit, the other containing 60% whole cluster fruit.

PICKING DATE: September 7th          TONS/ACRE: 0.85

OWNER: John Olenik                           PRODUCTION: 227 cases bottled

Wine Making and Notes: Wadensvil tends toward more elegant, high-toned and red-fruited wines while the sedimentary soil adds an element of structure and turns the wine distinctly toward a very mineral-driven mid-palate and finish. The ten barrels that make up this wine come equally from a fermentation that was done with 60% whole clusters and from a fermenter that was 100% de-stemmed. Despite the differences in the make-up of the fermentations the bins were both pigeaged 1x/day and pressed separately on the same day. The fruit that was fermented with 60% whole clusters emphasizes minerals, spices and back-palate structure all of which provide tension in the herb-laced red fruit. The de-stemmed barrels are a rush of sweet, feminine red fruit and a texture like velvet. This combination is one we have been using for the past couple of vintages in some form or another. The whole clusters give an incredible backbone to this wine that lends an austerity to this wine that benefits it not only down the road but in the here and now, allowing it to be the wine from the Chehalem Mountains that is the most elegant, graceful and refined of the bottlings. The wine is incredibly aromatic and floral but still allows for the back palate to be the guiding force in this wine.  *WINE CLUB ONLY

VarietalPinot Noir
AppellationChehalem Mountains
Volume3 liter
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